2017 DIBSI Metagenomics Workshop at UC Davis

Lead Instructors: Harriet Alexander and C. Titus Brown

Co-Instructors: Jessica Blanton, Adelaide Rhodes, Shawn Higdon, Jessica Mizzi, Phillip Brooks, Veronika Kivenson

These are the online materials for the environmental metagenomics workshop run as part of the Data Intensive Biology Summer Institute at UC Davis (DIBSI).

We will be using HackMD to take collective notes throughout the course: HackMD.

Monday, Day 1:

11am: Meet in Valley Hall (room TBA), setup, and introductions.

Noon - 1:15: Lunch

1:15 - 2pm: Group meeting with all of DIBSI

2pm - 4pm:

Homework: Skim the Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation (CAMI) Paper

Tuesday, Day 2:

9am - Noon:

1:15 - 4pm:

  • Lecture about assembly from Titus Brown
  • Trying quality trimming and assembly with your own data!

Friday, Optional Day 5: TBD (plotting, visualization, jupyter notebooks...)

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Data Carpentry

DIB Summer Institute

Technical information

The github repository for this workshop is public at https://github.com/ngs-docs/2017-ucsc-metagenomics

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